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Billing Coordinator

Mel has been in the dental field for over 20 years. Her career has always been based in the South Bay area. Mel is our go-to person for all billing and insurance questions. She knows it all! Her familiarity with the dental field over the years is what keeps her engaged and motivated to continue providing excellent dental care for our patients. When Mel is out of the office, her passion is teaching cycling classes and golfing. She lives with her husband, and they have an adorable dog named Max, who has the run of the house. She also has two grown children who still live locally, and likes to visit them often.



Evelyn has been practicing dental hygiene for over 16 years. She went into the field of dentistry because she wanted to care for people, and she felt that hygiene was the perfect way to do that! Evelyn got her hygiene license from West Los Angeles College and continues her education in the field each year. One of her favorite things about practicing hygiene is seeing the amazing improvements she sees in her patients after they have received treatment. Evelyn loves spending time with her family, taking her dogs for walks, and watching her son play soccer.



Bea has been practicing dental hygiene in the South Bay for over 35 years. She began her journey to being a hygienist when she was 13 years old, and she decided that she knew she wanted to be part of the dental field. She has nourished this practice for over three decades, and she is so proud of what it has become, and what it gives back to the community. Bea loves being part of a team that always puts their best effort into every day. She regularly plays tennis, enjoys the culinary arts, and loves caring for animals. Bea really values her friendships and also likes to travel when she has the opportunity.



Clarissa has over eight years of experience in the dental field. She is our amazing dental assistant, who is happy to talk with you about anything from food to her newly found puppy mom experiences. She has been in the South Bay area for over 12 years. She goes to visit her family in Montana often. She loves football, going to try new restaurants, and walks on the beach. Her puppy’s name is Jelly Bean, and they go on many adventures together.

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